“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen”
Michael Jordan


As international leaders in mediation training and development; and corporate training and development, Global Professional Development enhances and transforms the skills and abilities of professionals in a variety of industries.  Our tailored approach to each professional, client and
organisation assists in meeting their individual needs and goals.

We provide expert practical training in all areas of dispute resolution, communication, negotiation and conflict management.

Meet The Team

Linda Kochanski, Robyn Hooworth, Bobbi Reilly


Global Professional Development provides the expertise and experience to build individuals and teams to perform at their optimum and to drive organisational and personal success. Learn more about our areas of expertise.


Mediation and negotiation processes and skills are necessary tools for all dispute resolution professionals. Increasingly in this space there are new and developing trends, research and skills that we as mediators, FDRPs and dispute resolution practitioners must be aware of to ensure that we provide best practice services to parties and organisations. Are you a registered FDRP or accredited NMAS mediator? As such, you have ongoing obligations and requirements that must be met. GPD offers a unique opportunity for mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners to continue their professional growth though a membership  offering skills and practical application as well as
advanced / masterclass level training, please click on the link for further information.


We have all experienced conflict in some form and in a range of situations. Conflict can affect our business relationships; our workplace relations, our personal and social relationships and our sense of enjoyment and productivity. Conflict can be both a negative force and a positive aspect in our lives and work.

Conflict cannot be eliminated from our lives but we can learn how to manage it constructively and make it productive.  It can be an opportunity to learn, grow and bring about positive change.

GPD offers courses and workshops designed to assist people in their daily lives or in their work environments to attain the knowledge, skills, competencies and character traits to be able to manage conflict more effectively. To learn more about GPD’s courses and workshops for conflict management, please click on the following link.


Being a leader in the modern world requires character, competencies and skills. Great CEOs, managers and team leaders are not defined by the absence of weaknesses but by the presence of key strengths, including their ability to work with, manage and inspire people so as to ensure productivity and success in industry environments and the workplace. The GPD team are leaders in their field and can assist with your leadership goals or work with your leadership team members to achieve your business goals. GPD offers courses and workshops designed for those in leadership positions and / or those working to attain leadership skills, competencies and character traits to be able to move into and manage at a high level of success in a range of workplaces. To learn more about GPD’s courses and workshops for leadership, please click on the following link.

"Such a valuable investment into my staff and business. You listened to our needs and were able to provide ongoing relevant training that was specific to our requirements."
Bill - Business owner
"I have enjoyed this training more than any other training I have completed. I have become much more interested and passionate about my work since I have done the workshops."
Andrew - Lawyer
"The conflict management skills were so practical. I was able to implement them in my role immediately. It has completely changed our business and staff retention has increased beyond our expectations"
Jackson - HR Manager
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Exciting News


Memberships for 2022 are now active, please select the membership you require, alternatively please email: info@gpdtrainging.com.au and we will be able to assist.

2022 Webinars will include:

  • Court changes
  • Negotiation – Turn difficult conversations into constructive conversations
  • Impact of covid on conflict
  • What is needed to be a private practitioner
  • FV with vulnerable parties LGBTIQ
  • Intake
  • Difference between Mediation and Conciliation
  • Suitable – mode and structure of sessions
  • Managing process conversations
  • Risk assessment and complaint management
  • Suitability – mode and structure of sessions
  • Management of power dynamics
  • Working with mandated parties
  • The rockstar duo of effective mediation – Questioning and listening
  • Evaluative Mediation
  • Exploration

Masterclass Training


Global Training & Professional Development (GTPD) provide cutting-edge training that will boost your mediation, FDRP, Collaborative practice by taking your dispute resolution and negotiation skills to a new level.

These training programs will benefit people in mediation, law, financial advisers, human resources, healthcare, education or anyone who needs to effectively manage conflict and gain resolution.

Upcoming trainings include:
June – Wills and Estate Mediation
July – Intake for Mediation
August – Advanced CIM Skills
September – Property Mediation
October – Application of Skills, General Mediation
November – Application of Skills – FDR
December – Evaluative Mediation

All trainings are full-day and online.

These trainings contribute to CPD points, and our trainers are all pracademics with over 30 years of FDR/Mediation experience.  They provide best practice, theory-based learning combined with practical skills guaranteed to enhance your professional practice.

Find out more and buy tickets:  https://bit.ly/gpdmediatortraining


GPD is offering initial business startup document template packages.

Mediator document template package and FDRP document template package

Price per package:

  • GPD Member $375
  • Non-GPD Member $500

Email for further information