It is our choice whether we decide to escalate conflict or use our interpersonal, communication and negotiation and problem-solving skills to de-escalate it and resolve disputes. Our words and our behaviors can destroy relationships or build positive connections.

Effective conflict management skills create:

  • Positive connections
  • Respect and trust
  • A capacity for empowerment
  • An acceptance of differences without compromising values
  • An increase in a sense of personal well-being
  • An attitude of problem-solving
  • Co-operation and partnership
  • A more positive work environment

GPD can enhance and / or develop conflict management skills, competencies and character traits through comprehensive courses or individual workshop modules including the following:

  • Understanding forms / sources of conflict
  • Understanding perceptions and beliefs about conflict
  • Understanding how conflict develops and escalates
  • Understanding psychological / neurological processes of conflict
  • Understanding outcomes of conflict
  • Assessing and diagnosing conflict
  • Reacting to conflict situations effectively
  • Conflict and negotiation styles
  • Developing strategies and skills to manage conflict

Developing different processes to manage conflict:

  • Providing feedback effectively
  • Having difficult one on one conversations
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation for teams or larger groups

Application of conflict resolution skills:

Our professional staff at GPD can tailor conflict management programs for people within your particular organization so as to address specific needs and skill development. We can provide online and / or face to face in house training to teach knowledge and skills and to ensure application of this learning through exercises and role plays based on your requirements.