CEO’s, managers and leaders excel in being able to ensure adherence to organizational values; develop and encourage change as required; innovate and take up initiatives; balance short term and  long term goals; understand and manage interpersonal dynamics in the workplace and especially with high conflict personalities; act assertively; collaborate and develop strong teams; communicate powerfully and constructively; build trust and respect; inspire others to improve their performance; champion high levels of service delivery and foster client relationships.

GPD can enhance and / or develop leadership skills, competencies and character traits for current and future leaders through comprehensive courses or individual workshop modules including the following:

  • Understanding and encouraging adherence to organizational goals
  • Developing superior product and technical knowledge
  • Developing visionary skills to innovate and initiate new projects
  • Determining and using your own strengths, passion and competencies
  • Encouraging employee participation, passion and buy-in
  • Developing professional skills: presentation skills; time management skills; analytical skills; risk management skills; self-management skills; supervision skills; action – oriented skills; negotiation skills
  • Cultivating interpersonal skills: Communication skills; motivational skills; collaborative skills; assertiveness skills;
  • Developing team management skills: Understanding the need for team diversity; building team relationships; imparting clear direction; providing effective supervision and feedback; acknowledging contribution; encouraging accountability; developing team members’ abilities
  • Developing conflict management skills: Understanding nature, sources and escalation of workplace conflict; managing interpersonal and team workplace conflict; Understanding and managing high conflict personalities

Our professionals at GPD can tailor make leadership programs for people within your particular organization so as to address specific needs and skill development. We can provide online and / or face to face in house training to teach knowledge and skills and to ensure application of this learning through exercises and role plays based on your organizational area and requirements.