Online Mediation

There is no need to stop providing mediation services to clients while we follow safety guidelines during this pandemic. Let us show you how to set up and use some popular online platforms. There are also important adaptions that need to be made not just to our process but also our skills. We will give …

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Skills for settlement / resolution

This webinar will focus on Using Facilitative Skills to reach Settlement. While the facilitative model is the model on which the NMAS accreditation is based, the settlement model is often considered as the fall back model used in many mediations. What happens often is that the important facilitative skills are then not utilised. This presentation …

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Managing high conflict FDR

As FDRPs and mediators we are increasingly being challenged by high conflict parties. Managing this high level of conflict requires an understanding of why parties are behaving this way; their subconscious motivations and fears that drive this behaviour and the skills that are needed to calm their defensive feelings so they are able to access …

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AAA, Acknowledgement, Apology and Acceptance

This webinar will focus on the three “A”s of facilitative mediation. These strategies can assist even the most difficult parties to move . In this webinar you will learn the skills and interventions to assist parties to reach a sense of resolution and achieve their goals in mediation. Availability: FDRP & Mediator Level