How to use a Range of Research to address the Overnight Dilemma for Young Children in FDR

Overnights for young children has been a contentious issue for parties in FDR for some time. It poses the challenge for FDRPs to assist parents to balance parental needs for a meaningful relationship with their young child with the child’s best interests and need for attachment and bonding with both parents. This matter has been the focus of considerable research both in Australia and internationally. If we are to assist parents in FDR to consider their child’s needs regarding overnights, we need to suspend judgement and have a good understanding of a range of research in this area. This webinar will examine some of the more well known research on this topic so as to assist FDRPs to facilitate informed decision making regarding arrangements for babies, toddlers and young children.

FDRP Steam


Aug 11 2021


All Day